The website platform you already know how to use

Anyone can build with Naavi Sites, just layout your pages like a document, no coding, training or design skills required.

A website that's more show than tell

You can build a beautiful, consistent website yourself without the help of a designer. Sites will ensures consistent fonts, colors, and design elements are used to create a cohesive and professional look.

As easy to maintain as it is to create

Most websites get out of date quickly. Everyone is busy and knowing which pages need attention can be hard. Naavi Sites streamlines the process of reviewing and checking outdates pages.

Your website is your front door to connecting with your community

Naavi Sites makes a website that is beautiful, up to date, easy to maintain & celebrates your latest achievements in a way your community can digest and connect with.

Blog-style news feeds

Include a blog-style news feed that allows you to share your latest news and updates with your visitors

What You See is What You Get

Simply type your content onto the page, and it will be displayed in the editor exactly as it will appear on your website. You can change the font, size, and alignment of your text as you would in a document. No need to manage any blocks or do any coding.

Make it pop!

Our website builder takes embedding to the next level with purpose-built embed types, including stunning full-screen photo galleries, video embeds, and callouts. This allows you to spice up your stories with ease.

The Same Editor You Know and Love

If you’ve used iNewsletter, you already know how sites works. No training needed. Never heard of iNewsletter? Check it out

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Naavi Sites is still under development

If you're interested in getting early access and being part of our initial user group, please take a moment to register below. We'll make sure to notify you as soon as we're ready to welcome more users.

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